Ein Sommertagtraum

31. Mai – 13. Sept 2015

4th Sculpture Biennale

Guido Magnaguagno

The 4th Sculpture Biennale brought together works by 31 artists who dealt with daydream aspects in their work. The «Weiertal Arcadia» provided the ideal biotope for the unfolding of the artistic imagination. The surreal and the clownish deceived the senses. Hallucinations, illusions and counter-worlds allowed reality and fiction to flow into one another.

Manon, Magic Mushrooms, 2015

Elisabeth Eberle, noli me tangere, 2015, wood, graphite

Christian Gonzenbach, Fata Morgana, 2015, skeleton of a dromedare

Not Vital, Lotus, 2007, aluminium

Etienne Krähenbühl, Désolé, 2012, Voiture accidentée, brûlée, acier corrodé

Carlo Borer, BREATH, 2015, 2 shipping containers, PVC, ventilators, electronic controls, speakers

Daniel Spoerri, Tasse, 1991, bronze

Christian Herdegg, Lichtfloss, 2015, 49 argon and neonlighttubes

Roman Signer, Blaues Fass Leiter und Gummistiefel, 2012,

Maurizio Nannucci, what to say, what not to say, 2012


Elfi Anderegg, Christine Aymon, David Bill, Beni Bischof, Reto Boller, Carlo Borer, Margaretha Dubach, Elisabeth Eberle, Christian Gonzenbach, Martin Gut, Alex Hanimann, Katharina Henking, Christian Herdeg, Etienne Krähenbühl, Paul Le Grand, Manon, Esther Mathis, Daniel Meili/Bruno Lötscher, Matthias Merdan, Ursula Palla, Mario Sala, Daniel Spoerri, Swann Thommen, Judit Villiger, Not Vital, Lydia Wilhel, Teres Wydler, Zaric, Zimoun