21. Mai–12. September 2017

5th Sculpture Biennale

Dr. Kathleen Bühler

Refugium was the motto of the 5th Sculpture Biennale for the idyllically located cultural venue Weiertal. The exhibition asked about the relationship between the idyllic in art as a staging of wishful worlds, the political and the everyday as a struggle against environmental destruction and the struggle with the effects of globalization. With Refugium, nature as a resource for the increasingly alienated urbanite was put up for discussion, but also the mechanisms that regulate social or even political access to it. Who is allowed into the refuge and who is not? Who is "refusé" and who remains as "refugié" outside the gates?

Site-specific objects and spatial interventions were presented, poetic-eloquent or critical-political contributions that related to the site in terms of content, form and/or material, in order to fan out the complexity of the topic in their polyphony.

Yves Netzhammer, Einbildungsvorrat, 2017, painted assemblage

Maya Bringolf, Trondheim, 2017, installation with organ pipes, sound

Eveline Cantieni, My Home is my Castle, 2017, red plastic running net

Bob Gramsma, floe, PD#16232, 2016, concrete, pigments, nooses

Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill, Doppelstall, 2017, wooden shed, live-camera, Monitor, videomixer b/w


Maya Bringolf, Eveline Cantieni, Mia Diener, Quynh Dong, Marianne Engel, Gregor Frehner, Gabriela Gerber und Lukas Bardill, Bob Gramsma, Thomas Hirschhorn, Huber.Huber, Monica Ursina Jäger und Michael Zogg,  Victorine Müller, Yves Netzhammer, RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co), Pipilotti Rist, Ilona Ruegg, Olga Titus


Dr. Kathleen Bühler