27. Mai-12. September 2021

7th Weiertal biennial

Luciano Fasciati

The exhibition offered the opportunity to engage with the extraordinary location, the private garden of the cultural site Weiertal. It made temporary discoveries and encounters possible and, starting from a current concept of sculpture, which today integrates the most diverse media (sound, light, video...), explored the space between nature, the idyll of the garden and its artificiality.

The focus was on the very concrete reactions on the garden, its history and conditions. Its character and autonomy simultaneously formed the basic premise and challenge for the site-specific interventions. The works fit into the context and form of the site with deliberate restraint. They built bridges, drew lines of connection to the present, uncovered and drew attention to what had been forgotten or let the old and proven appear in a new light. The exhibition enabled new approaches and made clear how art can detect invisible, overlooked or even visible developments and conditions or make them tangible from a new perspective.

What the artists had in common was that they worked with a conceptual claim, as a strategy questioning and re-evaluating the concept of art and through their artistic attitude and action favoring and promoting a further thinking with the place.

huber.huber, Funktionale Verstädterung – Städte voller Glück, 2021, glass, steel, aluminium

Isabelle Krieg, Schwarzes Haus, 2021, black acrylic paint

Remo Albert Alig & Marionna Fontana Scala Naturae, spruce wood, spruce rootstocks, gold leaf, 2020/2021

Katharina Henking, Epitaph, Carrara marble, 2021

Judith Albert, Für die Elfen, light drawings, LED projectors, glass slides, unique pieces, 2021

Marianne Engel, Der Schmerz am Rand der Geborgenheit, Plexiglashalbkugeln, diverse Materialien, 2021

Roman Signer, Windfahne, aluminium, wood, steel, paddle, fire glove, 2020

Zilla Leutenegger, Mondzimmer, Videoinstallation with sound, without colour, Loop, 4 min, 
Musik Mario Scarton aka Chico cream, Courtesy die Künstlerin und Galerie Peter Kilchmann, 2021


Judith Albert, Remo Albert Alig & Marionna Fontana, Selina Baumann, Reto Boller, Alex Dorici, Marianne Engel, Sonja Feldmeier, Andrea Giuseppe Corciulo, Katharina Henking , huber.huber, Isabelle Krieg, Pascal Kohtz, Carmen Müller, Zilla Leutenegger, Roman Signer, Sandro Steudler, Olga Titus, Not Vital