Hanne Lippard

Do two people have the same view of a cloud when they stand in the same place? Do they make the same observations, feel the same rain? In her sound installation Locus, Hanne Lippard takes the questions of subjective perception as the starting point of a linguistic game. Rhythmically, the artist's voice circles an intimate situation between two people who meet in one place - a "locus". Two loudspeakers, two positions and one text; once spoken forwards, once backwards. In a unique way, the installation expresses the individual experience of the same moment. How much closeness or even intimacy does it require to get in touch and exchange with a person? Is closeness synonymous with consensus and distance even with dissent? Is the perception of the other point of view sufficient to grasp a multi-layered situation? With these questions, Hanne Lippard refers to the negotiation of "common ground", of shared perspectives, opinions and values.

Today - some twelve years after the work was conceived - we interpret her questions against the background of the manipulation of reality and the social fragmentation into partial publics in the so-called post-factual age.ยน This way, the ground on which we stand can start shaking (See: Nicola Gess, Halbwahrheiten. Zur Manipulation von Wirklichkeit. Berlin: Matthes & Seitz 2021).

Locus, 2011, audio, stereo