Martina Lussi

In her artistic practice, Martina Lussi devotes herself to attentive listening. The recordings for Soundwalk Weiertalwere made during a walk from W├╝lflingen station to the cultural venue. We hear a rumbling street, chirping birds, footsteps on the gravel. For the recordings - so-called field recordings - different microphones were used. Among them, for example, a hydrophone that records the sounds of flowing movements under water. Or a broadband receiver that registers electromagnetic fields that are imperceptible to humans. In this way, the Selecta vending machine at the station acquires a very unique presence with scratchy noises.

The recordings were processed by the artist into a "soundscape composition". They are not chronological and are not used in a purely documentary way. Rather, the sounds open up new sound spaces that relate to the real environment during the walk. By playing with different volumes, Martina Lussi's composition interweaves with surrounding sounds as well as bodily sounds such as breathing or footsteps. The meandering between these sound realities creates an almost dreamlike landscape.

The Soundwalk can be listened to on your own headphones on the way to the Weiertal cultural venue or directly in the garden and can be accessed via corresponding QR codes.

Soundwalk Weiertal, 2023, audio, stereo