Nicolas Buzzi und Harmony

What is that sound entering our ear here? Nicolas Buzzi and Harmony have constructed an instrument that is activated by wind for the exhibition. A transparent flag was placed on a tripod, which - as soon as it is set in motion - makes the cylindrical bell hanging below it sound. The Wind of Change installation is formally based on aestheticized functionality. The tripod was made of standardized construction elements that are normally used for stages. Now that the elements have been misappropriated, they resemble a spectacle that is amplified by the waving flag and the ringing of the bell.

In addition to the formal aspects, the unusual material of the flag catches the eye. The polyester film is used in space, air and sea travel and withstands extreme weather conditions. By using this material, the artists deliberately forego a clearly representative symbolism. Without a subject or colour, it becomes a projection surface for various meanings and opens up space for utopian ideas and speculative thoughts. The social and political changes that make utopia possible in the first place occur in a processual way, in that values and norms are continually questioned and ideas that are fit for the future can emerge. The waving of this flag is not soft and quiet, but loud, almost disturbing, due to the solid material. After all, change can also be disconcerting, trigger uncertainties and raise new questions. Thus the "common ground", i.e. the basis for this discussion and negotiation, is always vulnerable, always uncertain. The US theorist Donna Haraway pointed this out in her book Staying with the troubleMaking Kin in the Chtulucene. She suggests staying restless, stepping out of old narratives, traditional thought and behavioral patterns. To have the courage to be unsettled. (See: Donna Haraway, Unruhig bleiben, Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verlag, 2018. Engl. version: Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene, Durham: Duke University Press, 2016)

Wind of Change, 2023, aluminium, mylar, nylon, steel