Sarah Hablützel & Marko Mijatovic

How can a space be used as communally and diversely as possible? This question provided Sarah Hablützel & Marko Mijatovic with the impetus for the installative work Shared Space I. Conceived as a "place within a place", it becomes an experimental field for different uses throughout the course of the exhibition. In July, it will serve the local theatre group Um-18 as a stage for their rehearsals and the performance of their new production. In August, it will be activated as part of a workshop with the movement pedagogue Vivien Meyer. These protagonists are not new, but rather have been part of the duo's earlier works.

The architecture can also become a place of refuge for visitors; they can linger on the benches and seek shelter from the heat. Among other things, these different uses are made clear by the shape of the construction: if you look at it from the front, it is reminiscent of an arch that frames the surroundings; if you look at it from the side, it looks like a house with its elongated windows that might even create a feeling of security.

With Shared Space I, the duo at once addresses social and ecological issues. The installation consists of recyclable materials and a plug-in system that can easily be assembled and disassembled. This appeals to the idea that an active engagement with the availability of resources and their handling can take place. The design is defined not least by the expertise of those with whom the duo comes into contact. For this project, they sought exchange with architects and structural draughtsmen, among others, as well as with the construction office In Situ.

Sarah Hablützel & Marko Mijatovic, who usually seek out the respective locations for their film work, have now created their own place. Throughout the course of the exhibition, the work will become the backdrop for various scenarios.

Shared Space I, 2023, duripanel, wood