Thi My Lien Nguyen

There they are, the tables with their sweeping surfaces under the estival trees. They invite you to sit and linger in the warm grass; to exchange, to ask yourself, "What have you eaten today?" In the installation Slices of Love, Thi My Lien Nguyen focuses on the table as a place of communal practice. The focus is primarily on eating together and the consideration that a meal prepared by oneself can be understood as a sign of love and care.

However, such a place does not set itself up, but goes hand in hand with emotional work. In other words, the kind of work that is deliberately made invisible in a capitalist and fast-paced society - and often rests on the shoulders of females. The artist is now trying to resist this circumstance: Her installation will become a place of rest and reflection on the value of reproductive labor in our society. This is to be made possible, among other things, within the framework of an event in July. During her activation Tea & Slices of Love, the artist invites visitors to the table and serves Vietnamese delicacies, fruit and tea.

Thi My Lien Nguyen sharpens our eye for everyday and supposedly self-evident things: even the simple peeling and slicing of fruit can be an expression of affection or attention and express feelings that cannot be put into words.

Slices of Love, 2023, photography, MDF, steel