The cultural venue Weiertal lies amidst a recreational area outside of Winterthur. Forests, hills and agriculture characterize the landscape. Today's cultural site is a former farm, which was later temporarily used as an excursion restaurant and private residence. Its grounds are designed as a living garden with fruit trees, meadows, winding paths and an English-style garden house. Old native fruit varieties, bushes, watercourses and two ponds provide habitats for plants and animals and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Every two years, from May to September, new art works are shown at this unusual venue, most of them created especially for the location. Against the background of a theme given by the curator, the invited artists deal with diverse aspects and current artistic media.

Since 2001, the cultural venue has been showing contemporary artistic creation in its many forms. The association Skulpturen-Symposium Winterthur is the sponsor.

Every two years, from May to September, works are shown at this extraordinary location, most of them newly created especially for the location. The invited artists deal with diverse aspects and current artistic media against the background of a theme given by the curator.

Since 2001, the cultural venue has been showing contemporary artistic creation in its many forms. The association Skulpturen-Symposium Winterthur is the sponsor.

8. Biennale Weiertal

In 2023 the artists will create references to the garden as a natural and social space, to the relationship of humans to plants and animals, as well as to the history of the site and to art history. It is not lastly about social and ecological justice and how they are interlinked - especially against the current background of the global exploitation of people and nature and the distribution of resources on the planet. The garden is thus not understood as an idyllic retreat, but as a place of reflection and perhaps even as the nucleus of social and political utopias that are carried from here into the world.


The exhibition is accompanied by a publication with visual and textual contributions on the artists as well as essays by the cultural and literary scholars Julia Grillmayr and Hevin Karakurt and the author Sarah Elena Müller.

Jury and Audience Award

A jury prize and an audience prize each will be awarded to one artist in the exhibition. The jury members are Esther Eppstein (artist, founder of "message salon", Gianni Jetzer (Director of the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen) and Nadine Wietlisbach (Director of the Fotomuseum Winterthur). For the audience award, visitors can write down their personal favorites on a card. The awards ceremony will take place during the finissag


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The bistro is open during the opening hours of the exhibition and the events.


Exhibition in the park: CHF 10
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Guided tours, readings and performances: CHF 15
Season ticket: CHF 25
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Private guided tours on request


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Please note: From 14 July - 21 August the railway line between Winterthur railway station and Wülflingen station will be closed. Recommendation: Bus No. 7 from Winterthur station to Wülflingen station.

Biennale 2023


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